CRG Road Rebel Racing - 125cc KZ

CRG Road Rebel Racing - 125cc KZ

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One of the most successful chassis of all times, the Road Rebel KZ won the last three Australian KZ titles and placed 1st and 2nd in the 2015 World Championships.  2016 delivers the next evolution of this highly successful chassis with:

  • new steering geometry
  • new brake specification
  • new bearing cassettes and
  • whole new look
  • The steering system offers a new acumen setting on both the stub axles & steering column. Information from the factory team have advised this is the ideal position and have therefore removed the possibility to adjust these to prevent customers getting it wrong.                     
  • The new bearing hanger and carrier offers an additional solution for the mounting of seat stays.
  • The cassette will now be supplied in magnesium along with the brake carrier and wheel hubs.
  • The V09 brake system receives internal modifications to better balance the front to rear and improve bias adjustment. The calliper will now be mounted using a forged brake bracket to improve rigidity while the addition of the fins helps to improve cooling. Front Rear and Master Cylinders will all be in gold as part of CRG’s Gold Line series.

Fresh new sticker kits. CRG have continued the Gold Line theme through the CRG Decals. In true CRG style CRG have been careful to ensure the karts look amazing on track as well as up close. Close up the chassis shows some fantastic detail with gold and chrome trimming running through the sticker kit. However when the kart is on the track the gold and chrome detail blends into the background so the prominent colours and logo are clearly legible. They look Absolutely Stunning.

Road Rebel Specifications

Chassis Size - 32mm

Wheelbase - 1052mm

Axle - 50mm

Stub Axle - 25mm x D10

Ackermann (Stub) - 1 Hole

Ackermann (S/Column) - 1 Hole

Camber Adjuster - Sniper

Front Hub - D25 x 75mm

Front Ride Height - 3 Height Adjustable

Foot Stop - Adjustable

Brake System - V09 (Self Adjusting) Rear

Brake Rotor - V09 Floating Ventilated Iron Rear

Steering Wheel - CRG Flat Top & Bottom Orange

Bodywork - NA2 Black

Decal Kit - V4

Floor Pan Decal - V4

Seat - Greyhound Flat Bottom

Wheels - Magnesium

Bearing Carrier - Full Circle

Bearing Height - 3 Height Adjustable

Exhaust Brackets - Cradle Type

Rear Bumper - Rear Plastic Fairing

Engine Mount - Magnesium Flat

Engine Mount Adjuster - Nylon Tip

Torsion Bars - Optional Extra

Chain Guard - Fully Enclosed

Fuel Tank - 8.5Ltr Quick Release 


Engine, Tyres and ready to race accessories not included. Photo for display purposes.