CRG Hero - 101 Junior

CRG Hero - 101 Junior

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Designed for KA4 and the Bridgestone tyre the Hero 101 represents the excellence that only CRG can deliver. 

Eight months in development the Hero 101 have won events in every condition. From the cold of Round 1 of the NSW State titles in Canberra where CRG drivers won both Light and Heavy to the Wet of Round 2 where the Hero took first and second placings. The high grip of the Australian Kart Championship also suited the Hero 101 taking pole and winning several races. Finally in the heat of Darwin, at the Northern Territory State Championship, the Hero 101 qualified 1st and 2nd and clean swept the weekend and the NT Title.  

Many thanks to Zac Crichton, Zac Zamprogno & Brayden Everitt for their hard work with this chassis. 


28mm Chassis

50mm Axle

17mm x D10 Stub Axles

101mm Wheelbase

V06 Self Adjusting BRakes

Floating Brake Disc

Sniper Caster Camber Adjusters

Magnesium Wheels

17x55 Front Hubs

50 x 80mm Rear Hubs

Greyhound Clear Seat.

Note Greyhoud Carbon Seat is an optional extra.