CRG Dark Rider DD2 Rotax

CRG Dark Rider DD2 Rotax

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The Dark Rider DD2 chassis is renowned as possibly the best DD2 chassis in the world.


The Dark Rider has a 32mm chassis, 40mm axle and V09 brake system front and rear. Unlike many other DD2 chassis the rear ride height is adjustable. The chassis also has the possibility to change the wheel base through fitting a different bearing carrier.


The Dark Rider has been the choice of Rotax as the sole supplier to four out of the last five Rotax World Finals.



Chassis Size - 32mm

Wheelbase - 1050mm

Axle - 40mm

Stub Axle - 25mm x D10

Ackermann (Stub) - 1 Hole

Ackermann (S/Column) - 1 Hole

Camber Adjuster - Sniper

Front Hub - D40 x 100mm

Front Ride Height - 3 Height Shim Adjusters

Foot Stop - Adjustable

Brake System - V09 (Self Adjusting) Front and Rear

Brake Rotor - V09 Floating Ventilated Iron Front and Rear

Steering Wheel - 340mm Flat Top & Bottom Orange

Bodywork - NA2 Black

Decal Kit - V4

Floor Pan Decal - V4

Seat - CRG Flat Greyhound Flat Bottom

Wheels - Magnesium

Bearing Carrier - Full Circle

Bearing Height - 3 Height Adjustable with shims for engine mount.

Exhaust Brackets - Rotax or Cradle Type

Rear Bumper - Rotax Rollar Type

Engine Mount - N/A

Engine Mount Adjuster - N/A

Torsion Bars - Optional Extra

Chain Guard - N/A

Fuel Tank - 8.5Ltr Quick Release    


Engine, Tyres and ready to race accessories not included. Photo for display purposes.